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About the Home Chefs

The Home Chefs Network is primarily comprised of United States Air Force Culinary Chefs, Sous Chefs, and their apprentices.

This website is dedicated to the men and women of the United States Military serving in the Culinary Feild. Not too many resources are available for aspiring Chefs in the military to go through in assisting them in attaining the needed training to enhance their culinary education without going to culinary schooling outside the military.

The Home Chefs Network is dedicated to helping out future culinary personnel and even Home Cooks to create simple works of culinary art to dazzle their friends and to help experience the joy of cooking.

The main emphasis of this website is to remove the stigma of a "Military Cook" from the old days of the military and bring everybody to the 20th century. Myself and my fellow culinary military personel are not just "military cooks". We are an important part of the United States military which uses our culinary skills to increase the morale and give a feeling of home to our fellow service members so that they can stay focused with thier tasks no matter if it is at war or in peace assisting humanitarian efforts all over the world. Our job is mostly thankless and often overlooked because of the special operations of our countries finest service members.

This website is a Salute from Chef Rhodello Nuval and Chef Wesley Williams to our brothers in arms and all the other Home Chefs who work a thankless job and love to bring a small slice of happiness to people through our culinary skills.


Chef Libunao Bio

Chef Libunao
Philippine Citizen

Chef Nuval Bio

Chef Nuval
US Citizen
Philippine Born
US Air Force Culinary

Chef Williams Bio

Chef Williams
US Citizen
US Air Force Culinary

Pastry Chef Noel Bio

Pastry Chef Noel
Philippine Citizen

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