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Home Chef Original Recipes by Chef Rhodello Nuval

Cooking is not just simply cooking to feed people. It is an art that helps tantalize the pallet of your guests, family members, or patrons.

Cooking is more than just food preparation. It is the art of creating a culinary presentation that not only will feed the hunger of your guest but feed the senses (eyes, nose, pallet, and sense of touch) of your guest.

Chef Nuval started cooking at an early age growing up in the Philippines with the cooking guidance of his mother and grandmother.  He tried to help out with his mother’s restaurant  in the Philippines but at an early age, boys do what boys do best…make a mess.

Arriving in the United States in 1986 and growing up in Las Vegas Nevada he was surrounded by an array of culinary icons, restaurants,  and hotel establishments creating tantalizing cuisines.  With little job experience he worked his way up in a local fast food chain up to Assistant Manager at the age of 19 years old.

Seeking  more culinary adventures, in 1992 he joined the US Military with a guaranteed career job of “Services Apprentice” which is in laymen’s term a military cook.  Some people questioned his career choice since he was highly into computers in High School and had a knack of creating electronic works of graphical art with the computer.

Going through basic training and off to Services Technical training (basic military culinary training) at Lowry Air Force Base Colorado he finally enters the realm of culinary arts.  He was one of the last classes to graduate from the Air Force Services School House in Colorado before they moved the school to where it is now combined with the US Navy at the Medina Side of Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

After graduating from Colorado he then went to his first base at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona which he worked as new members in the Food Service field learning the basics (short order cooking, cooking on the grill, etc) and then earning the right to start cooking in the back of the house with sauces and main entrees.  His passion for cooking was at a stand still until he deployed for a wartime tasking to Italy in 1995.  There he was immersed with friendly chefs who gave him some little pointers to get him started and revitalize his love for cooking.

He then got movement orders to move to South Korea for his second military base where he learned more seasoning techniques from his counterpart South Korean civilian cooks.  Returning stateside in 2000 Chef Nuval was lucky enough to get an assignment back to his home town Las Vegas Nevada at Nellis Air Force Base.

With great mentors and guidance from Master Sergeant Siapno and Technical Sergeant Reynaldo Bautista he enhanced his culinary skills by attending some more advance Services Training Classes hosted by the US Military for Shift Supervisors and Storeroom personnel.  After 9/11 everything changed and Chef Nuval was taked to serve his country overseas.  He deployed three(3) times back to back to the desert six(6) months at a time only coming home for four(4) months in between each deployment.  During that time Mr Nuval served at high tempo field kitchens to keep the troops properly fed, healthy, and fighting.

In 2005, Staff Sergeant Nuval and his family got orders to beautiful Keflavik, Iceland for his fourth base assignment.  There in Iceland he met up with his old mentor who is now Master Sergeant Reynaldo Bautista from Nellis AFB.  With Master Sergeant Bautista’s trust, Staff Sergeant Nuval assumed the task of Dining Facility manager for the Stone Eagle Dining Facility in Keflavik, Iceland.

Normally a Dining Facility Manager job is assigned to personnel with the rank of Technical Sergeants and above.  Staff Sergeant Nuval is one grade below Technical Sergeant but still tasked with the job and responsibilities of the Dining Facility Manager who creates menus, cooks, creates culinary dining experiences for visiting Dignitaries and much more.  During his tenure in Iceland he (Chef Nuval) also assumed the responsibilities of Services Superintendent when Master Sergeant Bautista was on vacation or on Temporary Duty.  This is a lot of trust and responsibility given to a Staff Sergeant.  He was able to have a lot of creative freedom within Air Force Food Service Guidelines on food preparation and greatly enhanced the dining experiences of Air Force Personnel station in Iceland which gave him a lot of joy seeing the smiling faces and full bellies of patrons.  Sadly, the base closed down and both Staff Sergeant Nuval and his mentor got new assignments separating them in 2006.

On his Fifth assignment now at Ellsworth Air Force Base South Dakota,  Staff Sergeant Nuval met up with Technical Sergeant Wesley Williams at Ellsworth in 2006.  Technical Sergeant Williams just came from the Air Force General’s Aid Special Duty career with cooking at the Pentagon’s culinary establishment under his belt took Staff Sergeant Nuval and help mentor and teach him some fine dining cooking and presentation which really revitalized Staff Sergeant Nuval’s love for cooking.  With a positive daily attitude from his mentor  Staff Sergeant Nuval grew in culinary knowledge through Technical Sergeant Wesley William’s guidance.  Staff Sergeant Nuval assisted as the Sous Chef for Technical Sergeant Williams when he competed for the Emeril Live Military Chef Contest which Technical Sergeant Williams won and appeared on the Food Network with Staff Sergeant Nuval in the video preparing his winning dish.

Technical Sergeant Wesley Williams got an assignment as the Aid for Admiral Falon which parted the dynamic duo of Technical Sergeant Williams and Staff Sergeant Nuval.  Staff Sergeant Nuval now supervises four(4) Non Commissioned Officers and sixteen(16) airman in the Bandit Inn Dining Facility to insure food production and quality enhance the daily lives of Ellsworth personnel.

Recipe Right Menu

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Filipine Adobo
Bi Bim Bop
Beef Kalbi

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